Eyes of the Tiger

Tigers eye stone gets its name from its similarities to Tigers’ eyes, but we just love the silky smooth finish and colour variation these Tigers Eye Buffalo Claws have. As with all our stone buffalo claws they are not recommend for stretching with but do make lovely pieces to show off. Available in 00G (10mm), 0G (8mm), 2G (6mm) and 4G (5mm);

Tigers Eye Buffalo Claws

Craziest Paving You Ever Did See

Ok these may not be paving, but they get their name from the same ‘crazy’ jumbled up pattern in this stone. Blue Crazy Agate Buffalo Claws, the stone is a type of agate which gives them a wide range of colours, but the overall colour theme is blue. Available in sizes from 8G (3mm) through to 00G (10mm);

Blue Crazy Agate Buffalo Claws

Blue Stone of the Gods

Turquoise has been used through the world for thousands of years, by many different cultures from the Aztecs, Chinese to the Egyptians; and is coverted for its uniquely blue colour. We many not have turquoise as it is now hard to get hold on in suitably thick veins for use in jewellery, but we have the next best thing; our turquoise is made from dyed howlite which gives an even colouring to the stone and a very vibrant blue.

Available in sizes from 8G (3mm) through to 00G (10mm).

Turquoise Stone Buffalo Claws

Aventurine Jade Stone Buffalo Claws

Aventurine Jade Buffalo Claws available from 6G (4mm) through to 00G (10mm), Aventurine is a type of quartz that has some translucency and inside the material are tiny inclusions that give a slight shimmering/glistening effect. The term jade when referring to aventurine comes from the green colour that this is found in, but is not actually a jade.

Aventurine Jade Buffalo Claws

Nothing says tiger stripes quite like…

Tibetian Agate Buffalo Claws, we have just added some new stone buffalo claws to the shop made from this lovely agate, mostly striped in different shades from white through brown to black, each one is different but that’s what makes these so beautiful. Available from 4G (5mm) to 00G (10mm).

Tibetian Agate Buffalo Claws