Plug A Day – Serpent’s Coil Glass Plug

Plug a day came about as I wear different jewellery pretty much every single day and I want to show case some of the items that we sell, but rather than the gallery photos we take for the website and other publication media I thought it best to actually take a picture of myself wearing some of my collection.

On both ears I have 3 sets of stretched holes, from the inside out these are 0G (8mm), 2G (6mm) and 4G (5mm). When I wear wood, stone, glass or other organics in my 0G (8mm) first hole I tend to wear simple and plain silicone tunnels in the other 2 which you can see in the picture below. To start the series the main focal piece is the Glass plug, it is black backed with a white coil set inside sometimes referred too as a serpent’s coil.

Plug A Day - Black with White Coil Glass
Every piece of jewellery pictured we sell or can get a hold of via custom order so if you see something you like and cannot find it currently for sale on our website get in touch with us!

We also want to see your piercing pictures, specially if you wear some of our jewellery. If you want to send us some pictures you can email them to us at remeber to include as much detail about the picture/jewellery as possible so we can give the correct credit where due.

Discounted Glass Spirals

We recently got some new glass crossover spirals in stock. Unfortunately for us some of them have some minor manufacturing errors such as; lots of air bubbles, mis-formed shape i.e. parts of the spiral maybe drastically larger/thinner than others, variations in size.

Because of this, and for us to spend the time required to sort through all these, we are selling these with no returns for faults or defects, but to offset this we are offering them at a heavily reduced price at 50% off and are selling them singularly unlike our other handmade glass items.

Blue Glass Crossover

These glass crossovers come in a range of 5 colours, and sizes from 4mm (6G) to 12mm (1/2″);

So if you are looking to grab a bargin for the summer, head over to the glass section in our Expanders & Talons part of the shop.