Glowing Mouth Piece

To go with the glow in the dark belly bars we mentioned previously, we have added some glow in the dark tongue bars to the shop, these will really complete an outfit for a night out on the town;

Glow in the Dark Tongue Bars

Comes in the colours above; Orange, Red, Pink, Light Pink, Yellow, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Purple and White; with 6mm balls, surgical steel 1.6mm x 16mm long bar.

Get Jewels in the Mouth

With the shiny new surgical steel tongues which has a gem set into one of the 6mm balls; other end is plain; that we have just added to the shop. Comes in the standard gauge 14g (1.6mm) and 5/8″ (16mm) long.

Check out of the image below to see the colours available, and of course click the image to jump straight to them in the shop.

Surgical Steel Gem Tongue Bars

Uber Spikes!

We have just added some new labrets to the shop. These are surgical steel posts with a whooping 15mm acrylic spike! You know what to do;

Acrylic Long Spike LabretsWe have a whole load of new items almost ready to be added to the shop and hope to get these up over the next week; including some more belly bars, dice tongue bars, to start.

Single Flared Stone Plugs

Admittly it has been a while since we last posted (everyone points a finger at everyone else as to whos job it is to do around here), since the last post we have received new stock as added this to the site this included new stone items, some double flared others new single flared style in a range of sizes and stone types.

Other new items include pill shaped tongue bars, surgical steel rounded plugs and a restock of the all time favourite surgical steel buffalo claws.

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Ear Piercings

Ear piercings are one of the most standard piercings in the world, not many people in western europe realise just how many different piercings there are for the ear. Not all ear piercings are possible on the same ear due to conflicts with other piercings, and some are only suitable depending on the individuals anatomy. Here is a picture from one of our customers showing just a few of the ear piercings that one can get.

Starting at the bottom working the way around the outside-up; 2x Lobe; 1x 16mm Plug, 1x 1.6mm CBR 4x Cartilige; 2x 1.6mm Labret studs 2x 2mm CBRs, 1x Rook; 1.6mm CBR.