Dark Green Single Flared Plugs

These Dark Green Jade Single Flared Plugs look great and add a bit of colour to the dark grey and cold winter that we are currently having. Available from 6G (4mm) through to 1/2″ (12mm) you’re sure to find a size for you! These plugs are great as you can wear them either way around to get the look of either double flared or non-flared plugs.

Dark Green Jade Single Flared Plugs

Dark Green Angel

We recently had a shipment arrive with lots of lovely new stone pieces in some pretty large sizes; 9/16″ (14mm) through to 1 3/16″ (30mm); below is the first of these that we have sorted out and got listed on the website and is a lovely dark green jade. Supply is extremely limited and we are not sure when we will get hold of these again so make sure you grabs yours now!

Dark Green Jade Double Flared Plugs

Aventurine Jade Stone Buffalo Claws

Aventurine Jade Buffalo Claws available from 6G (4mm) through to 00G (10mm), Aventurine is a type of quartz that has some translucency and inside the material are tiny inclusions that give a slight shimmering/glistening effect. The term jade when referring to aventurine comes from the green colour that this is found in, but is not actually a jade.

Aventurine Jade Buffalo Claws