Leopard Skin Jasper Double Flared Plugs

If you like lots of variation in your stone plugs then you will love these Leopard Skin Jasper Double Flared Plugs that we have just added to the website. They have a wide range of colours in each piece, but each piece tends to follow an overall colour theme such as the 2 pictured below. The top pair are overall red and the bottom pair are overall purple, we have other colour themes such as black, green, and orange, check them out in the shop for more pictures.

These are available from 0G (8mm) through to 1″ (25mm)

Leopard Skin Jasper Double Flared Plugs

Plug A Day – I Have Leopard Skin!

I have a few pairs of these Leopard Skin Jasper stone plugs because they come in a vast range of colours and patterns, some of the predominant colours consist of; black (pictured below), green, red, purple, and yellow. Needless to say I like them all for their different colours and patterns.

On both ears I have 3 sets of stretched holes, from the inside out these are 0G (8mm), 2G (6mm) and 4G (5mm). When I wear wood, stone, glass or other organics in my 0G (8mm) first hole I tend to wear simple and plain silicone tunnels in the other 2 which you can see in the picture below.

Plug A Day - Leopard Skin Stone PlugsEvery piece of jewellery pictured we sell or can get a hold of via custom order so if you see something you like and cannot find it currently for sale on our website get in touch with us!

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