Nipple Shields

I have been updating some product categories on the website and one to get a major overall was the nipple shield section. I have also added all the new items we have (largely skulls and butterflies themes), a small sample can be seen in the picture below but you should go check them out in shop to see the full range.

Nipple Shields

5 Great Gifts for Someone Special this Easter

With Easter just around the corner aren’t you just sick of all the chocolate Easter eggs on offer in the shops? Well we are, and if your like us not everyone loves getting 16 Easter eggs. So why not try something different and stand out a little, we have just put these 5 items on special for the Easter period, so grab them while they last!

5 Easter Special Items

Save upto 17%! The items on special are shown above, in more detail with links through to the offers;