Tears Turn to Stone

Rather an interesting set of items we have just received from the manufacturer are some teardrop shaped stone plugs. This is an awesome shape to wear, and your stretched ears do not need to be teardrop shape to wear these as your piercing will change shape to whatever jewellery is put in there and will quite happily go back to a round plug/tunnel when you change back.

Blue Crazy Agate Teardrop PlugsMalachite Teardrop Plugs

Due to a manufacturing error we have some unique sizes up for sale, including; 7mm and 9mm. Click the images to see all the sizes we have for sale in that stone. Teardrops are available in the following stone types; opalescent, pink (dyed) howlite, blue crazy agate, malachite.

Pink Howlite Teardrop Plug 12mmOpal Teardrop Plug 10mm

Stone Tapers

Stone tapers from 8G (3mm) through to 00G (10mm); in a range of materials including; opalescent, lapis lazuli, aventurine jade, white howlite, snowflake obsidian.

Lapis Lazuli Stone Tapers

Above – Lapis Lazuli Tapers

Our Lapis Lazuli items are made from a amazing looking material, it carries an intense deep blue colour in a blotchy/marble pattern over a white backing that just makes the blue pop even more.

Snowflake Obsidian Stone Tapers

Above – Snowflake Obsidian Tapers

Snowflake Obsidian gets it name from beautiful grey/white snowflake patterns that are formed in the pure black obsidian. When carved, and polished up into tapers they look stunning, and each one is different to the last; some have many snowflakes others little.

White Howlite Stone Tapers

Above -White Howlite Tapers

Howlite in it’s purest form ‘white’ gives the best contrast for the black veins against the pure white back drop.

Aventurine Jade Stone Tapers

Above – Aventurine Jade Tapers

Who doesn’t like jade, cultural gemstone of China for centuries.

Opal Stone Tapers

Above – Opalescent Tapers

Made from glass our opal tapers have a almost moonstone like quality about them; shimmering blue through to red/orange in sun light they will make people stop and look.