We can see rainbows

We hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine! How about some new shiny products to go with the new sunny weather? These Rainbow Tribal Hooks have just been added to the website available in 3 sizes for those with smaller stretched ears; 10G (2.4mm), 8G (3mm) and 6G (4mm). They are relatively small in in height and width so aren’t very heavy (4mm are the heaviest as they are thicker) considering they are made from steel.

Rainbow Tribal Hooks

Plug A Day – Rainbow Spiral

Today I have in a piece of jewellery that is unique to us! These spirals were made up for us by the manufacturer and then rainbow anodized to give this oil slick rainbow pattern. They are made from cast steel so they do tend to have a bit of weight to them specially in 8mm, but generally not too bad to wear all day.

On both ears I have 3 sets of stretched holes, from the inside out these are 0G (8mm), 2G (6mm) and 4G (5mm). When I wear wood, stone, glass or other organics in my 0G (8mm) first hole I tend to wear simple and plain silicone tunnels in the other 2 which you can see in the picture below.

Plug A Day - Rainbow SpiralEvery piece of jewellery pictured we sell or can get a hold of via custom order so if you see something you like and cannot find it currently for sale on our website get in touch with us!

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