Roll a Dice

These dice tongue bars are just awesome, each end of the barbell unscrews and has a full set of numbers from 1-6 (the number 1 is where the barbell screws in), so if you ever find yourself short of a die or 2 then you can use your jewellery.

Dice Tongue Bars

They aren’t just for tongues either, they would also work great as nipple barbells, generally anywhere they will fit.

From 1 Easter Special to 2!

Recently we brought you 5 Great Gifts for Someone Special this Easter. This promotion had such a great reception with all our customers that we decided to add 5 more items to our Easter special. We realise that it is now the beginning of the Easter weekend so getting it delivered before the day going to take a miracle so we have extended our Easter special offers until the end of May.

Again these are only available for a limited time so if you are after cool and unique sand filled plugs Yellow 10mm, or 25mm Marble Jade for your lobes, or maybe a White 19mm Taper to help stretch.  How about a Logo Tongue Bar for your cheeky wife/girlfriend? Finally we have a not very Easter themed Cherry Belly Bar then check out the offers in our shop.