Win A Plug Pocket & BodyHazard Tee!

Everybody likes winning free goodies and we have put up a little competition/giveaway on our facebook page, all you have to do is go like our facebook page and share the post that is near the top with the image displayed below on your own timeline.

The prizes are medium sized plug pocket to fit your choice of plug size and a bodyhazard tee (choice of small, med or large). We will ship this anywhere in the world so make sure you take just a few seconds to enter.

You have until the 31st May to keep sharing and be in with a chance to win, on 1st June we will pick a winner from the hat, box or whatever container we can find to pick names from.

Like us on facebook and win a free tee and plug pocket

100% Pure!

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil; that we added to the website a few days ago; is 1 of the best oils out there for both organic jewellery and stretched piercings. It has a high Lauric acid content which is an effective anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal agent, which is great for cleaning jewellery with, but also helps prevent infections in newly stretched piercings.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 50ml

It should only be used in small amounts to clean body jewellery and used witha soft cotton cloth polish the jewellery to a high sheen, and helps bring out deep and richer colours in wood jewellery.

Can be used in any amount (although a little goes along way) to massage ear lobes. Smells great too unlike some oils and lobe treatments.

Plug Pockets

We have just launched a new product range that we make entirely in house. We call them Plug Pockets, why? Well because when I first made one of these for myself almost 3 years ago it was made to fit in my back pocket so I could safely carry my plugs with me in case I wanted to swap them out for a different pair, but also because it is a pocket that holds plugs. Mine was so popular amongst friends and family that I had requests for their own and in different sizes so that they could house their entire plug/tunnel collection in the pocket.

After many years testing out these pockets they have all held up very well to the day-in day-out stress testing that my friends and family have done for me, that I am happy to launch this product on the world.

Currently only available in Medium (about 5″ x 5″), but I intend to add a small and larger versions shortly to the store.

Plug Pocket Medium