Logo Microdermals Have Finally Landed!

New in are these logo microdermals. We have a huge variety of designs but only very limited numbers so make sure you order yours today to avoid disappointment. They are microdermal disk which have a logo encapsulated under a dome of acrylic.

Here are just some of the designs; skulls, 69, stars, 8-ball, ying yang, and more.

Microdermal Logo Disc Attachments

Gold Plated? Well These Are…

..we’re talking about some new microdermals we just received from the manufacturer; these all have clear gems set into disks; top of the image is a black titanium anodized 4mm disk with a clear gem, followed by 2 gold plated disks in 4mm and 5mm respectively also with clear gems.

Microdermal Disks with Clear Jewels

If these prove popular then we are able to get other gold plated microdermals, if this isn’t quite your thing but love gold jewellery then let us know in the comments or via email what you want to see us stock!

Microdermal Hider Disks

Got a job interview but have microdermals? Well we now have some microdermal flat disk attachments that come in 3 shades of skin tone; light, medium and dark; they wont make your microdermal just disappear completely but they will help disguise it, which is more than enough to land that job!

Microdermal Hiders

Bling Microdermals

We have just had a restock of the ever popular jewelled disc microdermals. Not only have we had a restock but we also have received some new colours and sizes. Click here Jewelled Microdermals to go straight there. Below are some pictures of the new colours.

Microdermal Gems

Slave to the Microdermals

New in our new range of microdermal attachments; we now stock a gorgeous solid titanium rainbow disk and a solid titanium purple disk both in 4mm. Along with a vary hard to get hold of slave CBR 5mm ball attachment these are great for corsets and other awesome effects with your microdermals.

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Microdermal surface anchor piercings are a ‘new’ form of body piercing (they have been around for the last few years in their current form although the general idea has been around much longer), that is similar in style to transdermal implants. These are a single point piercing this means that there is only one end of the jewellery showing. These are considered to be a permanent body modification, compared to traditional body piercing. Once placed the skin will grow through the holes in the microdermal base within a few weeks of the piercing and secure it in place, it is important in the first few weeks of healing to be careful with the microdermal as it is possible to pull it out. As these are relatively new it is unclear just how permanent they will be, as such are sometimes referred to as ‘semi-permanent’.

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