Tool Restock

We have recently restocked on some favourite tool items (clamps, opening pliers, and closing pliers), and added a few new items to our range. We now stock some heavy duty 9.5″ ring opening pliers and some microdermal clamps for helping ease insertion of the ever popular microdermal, more on these as soon as we have finished taking photos and have them on the site.

Keep an eye out for more new items coming soon!

Busy Week – Piercing Tools

After a very busy week; first we had university graduation ceremonies to attend; then we have been busy organising direct credit/debit card payments for the website; and lastly sorting (and counting) new stock, we have finally found sometime to write some new posts (more too come over the next few days we promise).

We are very proud to finally announce that we are fully capable of accepting all UK major (and Visa and MasterCard for all international payments) credit/debits cards directly fully secured by 256bit SSL, this process has taken a long time to get in place with all the security checks that both the payment gateway and our bank performed, and the backwards and forwards communication between the two.

We have finally restocked on our ever popular piercing tool range, this includes clamps, ring opening pliers and closing pliers, along with piercing aftercare products H2Ocean.

Opening & Closing Pliers Pic