Steel Tapers

These 13 steel taper sets have been out of stock for sometime and we have just got a few more back in stock. They come with this cool little storage pouch to keep them organised. The tapers themselves are about 2″ (50mm) long and have a concave end for putting jewellery in and helping slide it through. This set will get you from 18G (1mm) through to 00G (10mm) without skipping any sizes, these sets even include the hard to find 1G (7mm) and 0.5G (9mm) tapers.

We also have a larger taper version of the same set, 6 pieces that go from 7/16″-1″ (11mm-25mm). And MASSIVE size tapers in a 4 piece set from 1 1/4″-1 7/8″ (30mm-48mm), this set is VERY heavy unlike the previous smaller sets. We also have some individual tapers that are the same as the ones used in these sets available here.

13 Piece Taper Set

Stone Tapers

Stone tapers from 8G (3mm) through to 00G (10mm); in a range of materials including; opalescent, lapis lazuli, aventurine jade, white howlite, snowflake obsidian.

Lapis Lazuli Stone Tapers

Above – Lapis Lazuli Tapers

Our Lapis Lazuli items are made from a amazing looking material, it carries an intense deep blue colour in a blotchy/marble pattern over a white backing that just makes the blue pop even more.

Snowflake Obsidian Stone Tapers

Above – Snowflake Obsidian Tapers

Snowflake Obsidian gets it name from beautiful grey/white snowflake patterns that are formed in the pure black obsidian. When carved, and polished up into tapers they look stunning, and each one is different to the last; some have many snowflakes others little.

White Howlite Stone Tapers

Above -White Howlite Tapers

Howlite in it’s purest form ‘white’ gives the best contrast for the black veins against the pure white back drop.

Aventurine Jade Stone Tapers

Above – Aventurine Jade Tapers

Who doesn’t like jade, cultural gemstone of China for centuries.

Opal Stone Tapers

Above – Opalescent Tapers

Made from glass our opal tapers have a almost moonstone like quality about them; shimmering blue through to red/orange in sun light they will make people stop and look.

Discounted Glass Spirals

We recently got some new glass crossover spirals in stock. Unfortunately for us some of them have some minor manufacturing errors such as; lots of air bubbles, mis-formed shape i.e. parts of the spiral maybe drastically larger/thinner than others, variations in size.

Because of this, and for us to spend the time required to sort through all these, we are selling these with no returns for faults or defects, but to offset this we are offering them at a heavily reduced price at 50% off and are selling them singularly unlike our other handmade glass items.

Blue Glass Crossover

These glass crossovers come in a range of 5 colours, and sizes from 4mm (6G) to 12mm (1/2″);

So if you are looking to grab a bargin for the summer, head over to the glass section in our Expanders & Talons part of the shop.