We just made custom PTFE Labrets

Yesterday we made 2 PTFE labrets as part of a custom order for a customer, the one standing up is 8G (3mm) x 1/2″ (12mm) long with an 8mm disk and the one on its side is 10G (2.4mm) x 1/2″ (12mm) long with a 6mm disk.

We love making custom orders for people as it gives us a nice warm fuzzy feeling when we see people wearing our stuff, knowing it was crafted by our own hands. Clicking the image below will take you to the shop where we hide the custom PTFE pieces;

PTFE Labrets

Uber Spikes!

We have just added some new labrets to the shop. These are surgical steel posts with a whooping 15mm acrylic spike! You know what to do;

Acrylic Long Spike LabretsWe have a whole load of new items almost ready to be added to the shop and hope to get these up over the next week; including some more belly bars, dice tongue bars, to start.

5 Great Gifts for Someone Special this Easter

With Easter just around the corner aren’t you just sick of all the chocolate Easter eggs on offer in the shops? Well we are, and if your like us not everyone loves getting 16 Easter eggs. So why not try something different and stand out a little, we have just put these 5 items on special for the Easter period, so grab them while they last!

5 Easter Special Items

Save upto 17%! The items on special are shown above, in more detail with links through to the offers;

Custom DF PTFE Plugs with Gems

PTFE Double Flared Plugs with Gems

PTFE Double Flared Plugs with Gems

Finally got around to uploading some new of our own PTFE custom made plugs/labrets that we have made for people. Above is 1 of our most recent pair of 10mm double flared (these had a 1mm flare) plugs with 8mm clear CZ (diamond simulatant) gems inlayed on the front. Another picture after the jump…
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Custom PTFE Labrets, Plugs

We have now added a new item to our shop custom PTFE labrets, these are large gauge labrets from 12G-8G (2mm-3mm) that we are currently able to make (more soon as we receive our new stock), as standard we make them with fitting o-rings to wear on the front, but we are also able to make them internally threaded so they can take any of our microdermal attachments (picutres to follow). We are also able to make PTFE plugs and tunnels (as soon as we find our drill bits), if interested in something but can’t see the options just drop us an email.