Back in style again this summer koosh belly bars. These are silicone covered acrylic balls, and are done in this spiky pattern, but don’t worry as its made from silicone it is soft and squishy so won’t ruin that tummy you’ve worked so hard for. Click the image below to check out what koosh items we have in stock.

Koosh Silicone Belly Bars

Roll a Dice

These dice tongue bars are just awesome, each end of the barbell unscrews and has a full set of numbers from 1-6 (the number 1 is where the barbell screws in), so if you ever find yourself short of a die or 2 then you can use your jewellery.

Dice Tongue Bars

They aren’t just for tongues either, they would also work great as nipple barbells, generally anywhere they will fit.

Uber Spikes!

We have just added some new labrets to the shop. These are surgical steel posts with a whooping 15mm acrylic spike! You know what to do;

Acrylic Long Spike LabretsWe have a whole load of new items almost ready to be added to the shop and hope to get these up over the next week; including some more belly bars, dice tongue bars, to start.