Delrin & Teflon Custom Made Labrets

I wanted to cover some of the more unique pieces that I custom make for people as I have been cataloguing these creations a lot more religiously than I have in the past. I also now use Delrin a lot more than I used too so its nice to see the contrast between that and PTFE.

Delrin Oval Labrets in 20mmPTFE (teflon) comes in white only and is the only material of these 2 that is recommended for new piercings or fresh stretches, this is because it is easily autoclaved without damaging or melting the jewellery, but also because the surface of PTFE is smooth so any substances, such as the discharges from the piercing are easily cleaned off.

Delrin comes in both black and white, I only use the black delrin as PTFE is better if you want white. Natural delrin (white) is used by the navy for food storage, black delrin is dyed so could (although rare) cause irritation to new piercings or fresh stretches so it is only recommended for healed piercings. Unlike PTFE it cannot be autoclaved.

A Set of Delrin Labrets from 10G (2.4mm) through to 1/2" (12.7mm)The first picture above shows 2 oval labrets both with deep curved t-backs, both the oval are equivalent to 20mm round pieces but have different width and heights from each other and will deform the lip differently. The second picture above shows a set of labrets which are round with round backs this set goes from 10G (2.4mm) through to 1/2″ (12.7mm) and is so the person can stretch to their goal size of 1/2″ (12.7mm) over a long period of time. The disks on the back of these are made large enough to allow the wearing to stretch using tape; either PTFE or bondage tape; by wrapping a layer of tape around the worn part of the labret when the piercing becomes loosen enough and ready to accept it.

I make many other pieces of jewellery not just labrets, check out these large gauge tongue barbells, they are internally threaded and can be made in any size and length.

Delrin Tongue Barbell 0G (8mm) by 16mmIt is also possible to permanently shape PTFE by bending it, such as the horseshoes below. Horseshoes are limited to a certain internal diameter by the gauge of the final piece these are 6G (4mm) by 7/16″ (11mm). Curved barbells are also possible for stretched belly button piercings (or anywhere else they will fit) and are not limited in the same way.

PTFE Horseshoes 6G (4mm) by 7/16" (11mm)

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