Striped Glitter Tongue Bars

Striped Glitter & Striped Frosted Tongue Bars, come with standard steel 14G (1.6mm) x 5/8″ (16mm) long barbells, balls are 6mm acrylic and available in a massive range of colours and styles, see the image below for a sample of the colours available;

Glitter Striped Acrylic Tongue Bars

Glowing Mouth Piece

To go with the glow in the dark belly bars we mentioned previously, we have added some glow in the dark tongue bars to the shop, these will really complete an outfit for a night out on the town;

Glow in the Dark Tongue Bars

Comes in the colours above; Orange, Red, Pink, Light Pink, Yellow, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Purple and White; with 6mm balls, surgical steel 1.6mm x 16mm long bar.

Roll a Dice

These dice tongue bars are just awesome, each end of the barbell unscrews and has a full set of numbers from 1-6 (the number 1 is where the barbell screws in), so if you ever find yourself short of a die or 2 then you can use your jewellery.

Dice Tongue Bars

They aren’t just for tongues either, they would also work great as nipple barbells, generally anywhere they will fit.