Heart Dangle Belly Bars

One thing that we don’t have a lot of on the website is belly bars over the next week or so I will be changing that starting with these heart dangle belly bars. We have lots of different heart designs including 14K gold plated hearts and ones with different colours gems. I have only included a few images checkout the shop for all the different pieces we have available.

Red Jewel & Pink Gem Heart Dangle Belly BarClear Jewelled Heart Dangle Belly BarGold Plated Hart Dangle Belly Bar


Back in style again this summer koosh belly bars. These are silicone covered acrylic balls, and are done in this spiky pattern, but don’t worry as its made from silicone it is soft and squishy so won’t ruin that tummy you’ve worked so hard for. Click the image below to check out what koosh items we have in stock.

Koosh Silicone Belly Bars