Fancy Buffalo Horn & Bone Ear Hooks

These Fancy Buffalo Horn & Bone Ear Hooks are new in. The bone hooks are extremely limited and only come in a few sizes due to the limited nature of the material. The buffalo horn hooks of the same designs come in a few more sizes. But I am sure you’d agree that both materials look amazing in these fancy designs.

Fancy Bone Hooks

Fancy Horn Hooks

Black Silicone Earskins

Continuing of our adding a new silicone section to the website we have added some black silicone earskins. Below is pictured just a few of the many sizes that we have these available in, from 6G (4mm) right through to 1 15/64″ (30mm)! These have a extremely thin wall and are extra squidgy, which makes them hardly noticeable at all when you have them in.

Black Silicone Earskin Tunnels

Triangle Tunnels

These unique triangular double flared tunnels come in sizes from 0.5G (9mm) through to 1″ (25mm). Your stretched  ears do not need to be triangular to wear these as your piercing will change shape to whatever jewellery is put in there and will quite happily go back to a round plug/tunnel when you change back. These are an awesome shape for stretched lobes.

Black Triangle Tunnels