Lapidary Rough for Plugs & Labrets

As I now manufacturer stone plugs and labrets in house I get asked quite often what materials do I have and great as it is to list all the materials I have it is usually missing the picture element and as material can vary from the area it is sourced from I feel that this is important part of choosing your new jewellery.

Here are the different types of rough I have available and some pictures of them so you can see what they look like. It is worth keeping in mind that some material varies greatly and the exact pieces pictured could have been used up all ready. If you have some specific colouring or patterns in mind please contact me with what you want made and these requirements as I am happy to search through my available pieces to meet your requests.

Pictures below are a mixture of dry and wet, I have wetted some slabs to show what the colour of the stone is likely to be when polished. If you want to see finished pieces of jewellery made from these materials take a look at my facebook page;

Green Moss Agate

Green Moss Agate

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Workshop Progress

It had been a fun journey after all the problems with the roof were sorted out on the workshop. I decided it was a great opportunity to completely gut what was in there and start again with everything new and insulate it to make working out there in winter more bareable. I’ll let the pictures tell the story;

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Fancy Buffalo Horn & Bone Ear Hooks

These Fancy Buffalo Horn & Bone Ear Hooks are new in. The bone hooks are extremely limited and only come in a few sizes due to the limited nature of the material. The buffalo horn hooks of the same designs come in a few more sizes. But I am sure you’d agree that both materials look amazing in these fancy designs.

Fancy Bone Hooks

Fancy Horn Hooks

Ebony Wood Crossover Spirals

At last we have these new wood crossovers, these are a very popular design that we have had before in a range of other materials but never wood and many people have been asking for these. These are made from Ebony Wood and have a approx a 4mm gap where they crossover.

Ebony Wood Crossover Spirals