Handmade Buffalo Horn Plugs

I recently got a load of whole buffalo horns in along with a few pieces of deer antler. I quickly got busy and turned some of the buffalo horn on my lathe and created these double flared plugs set with red brilliant cut garnet gems for a customer. Pieces like these are made to order and I can get ahold of almost any colour gem to be set into the front of them this process takes a few extra days for me to receive the gems as they are ordered on request but the results are definitely worth see for yourself…

Buffalo Horn Plugs with Garnets 10mmAll of our buffalo horn comes from a realiable source, horns are gathered when a animal dies either from old age or where it has been killed for food so that no part of the animal is wasted.

Animal Belly Bars

We have just had a huge shipment arrive with lots of goodies, the first thing out of the box was these lovely belly bars; made from surgical steel, they have a 5mm top ball and are 1.6mm x 10mm; instead of a bottom ball they have a fancy highly detailed animal, including teddy bear, cat, lizard, mouse, and butterfly, each one is covered in tiny clear CZ gems. Checkout the image and see them in the shop for more info;

Steel Animal Belly Bars