Plug A Day – Mahogany Obsidian Stone Plugs

These mahogany obsidian stone plugs always have an awesome pattern on them, the redy/brown colour contrasts with the black in a kinda of paint splattered way, making them look great. They have an ultra smooth finish and shine that can only be achieved with obsidians and repeated polishing.

On both ears I have 3 sets of stretched holes, from the inside out these are 0G (8mm), 2G (6mm) and 4G (5mm). When I wear wood, stone, glass or other organics in my 0G (8mm) first hole I tend to wear simple and plain silicone tunnels in the other 2 which you can see in the picture below.

Plug A Day - Mahogany Stone PlugsEvery piece of jewellery pictured we sell or can get a hold of via custom order so if you see something you like and cannot find it currently for sale on our website get in touch with us!

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