Delrin & Teflon Custom Made Labrets

I wanted to cover some of the more unique pieces that I custom make for people as I have been cataloguing these creations a lot more religiously than I have in the past. I also now use Delrin a lot more than I used too so its nice to see the contrast between that and PTFE.

Delrin Oval Labrets in 20mmPTFE (teflon) comes in white only and is the only material of these 2 that is recommended for new piercings or fresh stretches, this is because it is easily autoclaved without damaging or melting the jewellery, but also because the surface of PTFE is smooth so any substances, such as the discharges from the piercing are easily cleaned off.

Delrin comes in both black and white, I only use the black delrin as PTFE is better if you want white. Natural delrin (white) is used by the navy for food storage, black delrin is dyed so could (although rare) cause irritation to new piercings or fresh stretches so it is only recommended for healed piercings. Unlike PTFE it cannot be autoclaved.

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We just made custom PTFE Labrets

Yesterday we made 2 PTFE labrets as part of a custom order for a customer, the one standing up is 8G (3mm) x 1/2″ (12mm) long with an 8mm disk and the one on its side is 10G (2.4mm) x 1/2″ (12mm) long with a 6mm disk.

We love making custom orders for people as it gives us a nice warm fuzzy feeling when we see people wearing our stuff, knowing it was crafted by our own hands. Clicking the image below will take you to the shop where we hide the custom PTFE pieces;

PTFE Labrets