Tamarind Wood Spirals

These new Tamarind Wood Spirals are now available for purchase from the shop. We have these in a huge range of sizes from 8G (3mm) through to a massive 1″ (25mm) and I don’t just mean massive as in the gauge these 1″ spirals have a diameter of 76mm!

Tamarind wood does tend to vary by huge amounts just checkout the image below that shows some of the nicest colourings and variation we have seen in a wood. It can also be plain brown or the lighter almost crocodile wood like blonde colour.

Tamarind Wood Spiral

Tamarind Wood Plugs

We have just got in these awesome new Tamarind Wood Double Flared Plugs, this is a new wood type for us and these look great and vary anything from a plain dark red/brown colour, to a mixed up sandy to patchy red/brown colour. Check them out in the shop for higher res pictures. Available from 2G (6mm) through to 1″ (25mm) and can be custom ordered in a large range of smaller and larger sizes than these.

Tamarind Double Flared Plugs